2024 Annual CUPCCAA Invitation

The City of American Canyon is creating its list of contractors which may be interested in performing Public Works projects to be informally bid for calendar year 2024. The City of American Canyon may create a new contractors list effective January 1 of each calendar year and may include any contractor's name it desires on the contractors list, but must include, at a minimum, all contractors who have properly provided the City with the required information, either during the calendar year in which the list is valid or during November or December of the prior year. If new licenses are secured through the course of the year, Contractors shall contact the City to update their information so that they may be added to the additional relevant list. A contractor may have their firm added to the City's contractors list at any time by providing the required information.


Accepting Bids

Bid Date12/31/24 5:00pm

Company & Contacts

City of American Canyon


American Canyon, CA